Netherbeast Incorporated

20071 hr 30 min

Netherbeast Incorporated is a 2007 comedy horror film directed by Dean Ronalds and starring an ensemble cast led by Steve Burns, Darrell Hammond, and David Foley. The movie tells the story of a vampire community working in a soulless corporate office environment, and the chaos that ensues when a new boss arrives to shake things up. The film is set in a midsized corporation called Berm-Tech Industries where the employees are not your average human beings.

Darrell Hammond, Judd Nelson, Dave Foley, Steve Burns, Amy Davidson, Jason Mewes, Robert Wagner, Bob Rue, Robyn Allen, Cathy Rankin, Bruce Nelson, Brian Ronalds, Bill Lippincott, Max Bullis, Jeremy Childs, Joshua Childs, Laura Durant, Mai
Dean Ronalds