Ding Dong Dead

"You wanted a war? You got one!"
20101 hr 10 min
Doug, a thirty-something who has just lost his job, goes off the deep end when he is terrorized by a group of young girls who call themselves the Ding Dong Ditchers. The D.D.D. has made an art of ringing doorbells in the night and running away leaving the person answering the door all alone and dumbfounded. This is the straw the breaks Doug's back. Doug fights back and takes no prisoners.
Luke Y. Thompson, Julia Boyd, Nicole Sienna, Tara Strand, Julie Rose, Destiny Rodreguiez, Shannon Freyer, Dolce Death, Tara Cardinal, Vanessa Moreno, Megan Francis, Devanny Pinn, Chaile Wall, Elina Madison
Creep Creepersin